The Twins By R.G. Miller


Loss, Revenge, and unspeakable Violence…What if two thirteen-year-old sisters, who were identical twins; two sisters who’d came from an affluent family; twin sisters whose parents had shielded them from the ugliness of the world; identical twins sisters who shared that unique twin consciousness, were suddenly forced to watched their loving parents suffer–at the hands of two home invaders– the worst kind of physical torture imaginable before they were killed. What if these two teenage girls wanted revenge.
This was the fate of Stacey and Jannifer McHill, two teenage girls who’d survived a living nightmare, but in doing so…they’ve become a living nightmare.

Detective Isis Williams, who catches hell because of her first name, and who’s battling a serious anger problem that threatens her job, is assigned to a case that will change her life forever. A case that promises to push her passed the threshold of depression. She on the hunt for two of the most dangerous, elusive, and youngest serial killers she’d ever encountered. Detective Isis Williams is on the hunt for…THE TWINS.


Most of the main characters are fundamentally flawed. They have a major flaw that is established right off the bat and is a major player in most of the book’s events. Unfortunately just like making characters too perfect, making them too flawed is also a drawback. Fortunately secondary characters slowly come in that help level off the major offset in the beginning.

I was initially off put by Detective Isis and her major patterns of behavior. Yet her determination and other characteristics really redeemed her. By the end of the book she felt like a well rounded human being, flaws and all. Annette Toni was the major factor that evened her out. Annette seemed very solid as a character and created the balance other characters did not. The Captain was the same way, sort of a fatherly role that evened out Isis.

The twins are also central of course, but I don’t want to go into too much detail and give anything away. The worst and most difficult part pf this novel was the flow of characters. You could jump 3 character perspectives in a single page. There is absolutely no breaks or warnings, the character information just flows in an almost matter of fact way at times – as though we are getting a catalog of information, while others go into a character’s head and delve in deep.


This was a dark plot. Nothing is sacred or off limits. The loss of innocence is at the heart of this novel and the psychology about why a person kills. What external factors can drive a normal person to become something twisted and downright evil. This book perfectly covers this. It is not a whodunit, it is a book that covers the why. What drives the killer(s) to kill and what is the end goal?

This book isn’t just dark it is brutal and doesn’t hold any shots. Absolutely nothing isn’t touched on in this book. There is sex, addiction, exportation of sexual preferences, betrayal, race, gender discrimination, guilt, grief, and violence. Not to mention cursing. A lot of curse words in this book which isn’t surprising because of the multiple exploration of topics that lean towards a gritty world.

The plot at so much potential but was bogged down by all the sidetracks. Although the topics listed above added a complexity to the novel, it also pulled away from the main focus. I did like getting to know Isis and her family complications – I would consider that a character builder and not a sidetrack.


It is disturbingly additive. It is gritty and in your face on all its array of touchy topics. If nothing offends you this book is perfect. In a way it is a peek into the human resilience. Some shine bright and fight on, others live to become the villain – twisted and broken villains.

Despite the psychological pieces being very strong and the characters being as gritty as the world they were in, there were some major flaws. The police work piece had some major logic flaws that made parts of the plot fall apart. For example, if there were footprints left at the scene – what are the odds both the killer(s) and the person they think it is have the same shoe size. That was one of many major deficiencies in the police work aspect.

That being said, if the main character was a psychologist or a therapist that works with the police this would have been amazing. The most authoritative and strong character in the book? Dr. Susan Patterson. Her dialog was complete and specific. I am not sure on accuracy but that’s okay. If I don’t question her, that means she is believable enough that I take it as it is. I would highly encourage bringing that strength to the forefront.


3 Stars

At the end of the day I thought it was okay. I liked it enough to read through it pretty quickly but the major logic flaws, the jerky character transitions, and extensive grammatical errors were too much for me to be able to recommend it to anyone. If I gave half points, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this 3.5 stars. This gritty novel is a hop, skip, and a jump from becoming a 4 star novel – with little effort and a rewrite of a few key pieces. Part of the problem could also have been that I like dark novels but this may have also been a little to sordid for my taste.

That being said if you like gritty novels that explore the darker side of human nature this could be the perfect book for you!

Where did I get it?

The author sent me a copy (Part 1 and 2) in exchange of an honest review.


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