Uninvited by SheHopes


An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more sinister afoot?


When you start this book Alex Carter is an unmitigated jerk and Abby Redding is a broken soul. I have a feeling that that this book is as much about Abby and Alex becoming better people as it is about the haunting.

I am not going to lie, when this book started I didn’t like Abby. You just wanted to pull her shoulders up and say ‘get a backbone!’ By then end, I was going to miss reading about her with every new update. That is one of the great powers of this book and author – she can develop the heck out of characters!

Beyond a snafu with a characters description and age (Wally), I felt like every character was well detailed and covered in exactly the right way. The characters that needed to be there were there and the ones that weren’t detailed it was for good reason. She left enough to the imagination for other characters that it was left up to the reader to put the pieces together.

Which means these characters were perfectly written for this genre. Only as much detail to progress the plot.


Haunted cabin, creepy dolls, laughter, and a dark energy. This is a book that definitely allows ones imagination to run wild! There are parts where the reader isn’t sure if Abby is just losing her mind or if it is really haunted. It is practically chilling!

That being said, the overall mystery is also well done. Which is saying a lot because normally I pick up on something early on and know exactly who is the person responsible. I got quite a bit into the book before I was pretty sure I figured it out. Then I was almost through the book entirely because I was 100% sure that my initial guess was right. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This author know show to push your buttons. From character’s internal debates to the romance aspect. That may sound like a critique – it is a compliment. If you aren’t emotionally invested in the story or the characters, it isn’t as good. This one is and it takes you through a range of emotions.


This is a great paranormal book. It covers personal growth, overcoming ones demons, and how important the truth can be. Not to mention the romance angle is great!

That is all without touching on the paranormal portion. Some times you have no idea what is going on. The author is clever at leading you down rabbit holes of thought that can mislead. It was great reading parts and not being sure how it fit into the bigger story or whether Abby is just losing her mind. As a reader I was completely caught up in finding out the answer.

You get sucked in from the first chapter, and can’t stop until all the converging plot threads come together into one huge reveal.


4.5 stars.

Something about this one really got to me. Halfway through the book I was not happy with the characters, the plot was coming together nicely, and I was leaning towards a 4 star book. By the end of the book I wanted to give is a 5 star review. Why did it come up .5 short? Loose ends.

I don’t know how there could be a second book and there was one big loose end that annoyed me. We never find out one major detail – Abby and her ex-boyfriend Bryce. I won’t say which detail but it was frustrating not knowing! That were other loose ends that were left floating in the wind but they were understandable for this genre. The other little problem was the abruptness of the ending. Despite those two little things – it was such a great book!

Where did I get it? 

Wattpad – Free


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