1001 Islands – Interview & update

Today is the release of my book 1001 Islands. Today is also the last day you can order the eBook for $2.99. I might have sales in the future but now is the only time to guarantee it is less than $4.99. So go and get it here today: Amazon I am on Smashwords and Goodreads as well.

On that note I also did an interview today. Talking about Alaska, my books, and what is like being an indie author. You can check out all of that on YouTube: Interview

I have to warn you though, we had TONS of technical difficulties. Although I can promise you that you’ll laugh at least once. Oh glorious technology, why do you work all week until today? I had to use my gaming headphones because my surface doesn’t like Google Hangouts. Which is the reason I look like a pilot.

I am also doing a giveaway for the next week. Giveaway

If you want to see what is there before you buy it you can go here and read the back of the book and the prologue (ie chapter 1). Back of Book & Chapter 1


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