The Flu shall keep me down no longer!

Updates! I caught the flu last week and it wiped me out. I went into work late every day last week because of how sick I am. So relieved I have sick leave I can use. I started this post last week but I couldn’t finish it because I was sooooo tired. Feeling much better and back to work writing!

Blog 2.0

I’ve been busy at work doing reviews. Lots of a great movies to see and lots more I’ve been going back and watching to write reviews on. Some new reviews include; Seventh Son, Grace of Monaco, Theory of Everything, Unbroken, and Earth to Echo. Check it out here: An Authors Take

1001 Islands

Release date set! Expect 1001 Islands out on August 22, 2015.

The cover is coming along nicely! I should have a pre-order up no problem around the 1st of August. I am so ready to be done with the editing but I know once it is done it will all be worth it. For now, stay posted. I’ll have a big announcement for the cover and then another soon after for the pre-order. The pre-order price will be less then the price after August 22nd so be sure to keep an eye open for it!

If you want to read the new back of the book you can check it out here: 1001 Islands 

Frost Burn

Frost Burn is done! We finished writing it. Now comes the super fun part (not) of reviewing, rewriting, and *sigh* editing it. We have decided on an October release. Likely closer to the end of the month but we will see! It has been an amazing journey and I am happy to report it happened in less then a year.

You can get the first part for free on Wattpad. That way you can get your toes wet and decide if the next 3 parts are worth it or not.

Just click on this link: Frost Burn

Love’s Metamorphosis

I am still planning on putting this up on Wattpad for free. The problem is I have to wait on a cover. Once 1001 Islands is done and uploaded everywhere, I’ll get a simple one for this so I can start putting it up on Wattpad.

In Progress Book – The Gate Doulogy

I hit 20,000 words on the sequel to the first book. Right now I am calling it The Mysterious Gate. We’ll see if I keep it. I might change it over to The Nowhere Gate. I’m torn between the two but we’ll see. It is just starting to get interesting and I am starting to ninja chapters out. I can’t wait to finish editing book 1 (The Sixth Gate) and be able to get a chapter up here for everyone to read.


I’d also like to offer to anyone on Wattpad who needs a review. I don’t do fan-fiction but just about everything else. It also has to have gone through some form of editing. Here are two reviews I’ve done and as I read I plan to do more.

The Last Dance

Some Like It Ruthless


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