Short Story Writing Contest Winner (2nd Place)!

I am very excited to announce that I’ve won second place in a short story writing contest. I hesitated to mention anything on here because I haven’t written a short story for a contest in years. I tried writing a few before but I never submitted it. This time I decided to take the leap and commit to one. I decided to start with a low key one that seemed legitimate and see where my strength and weaknesses stuck out. I wanted to personally test myself against other writers.

You can check out the results here: DeviantArt

There were a lot of amazing submissions and I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be but I am thrilled. This has given me that boast to perhaps start to compete in more contests. Branch out from my novel writing and give me something else to do between books.

It was fun to use some of my memories and weave a story from real life and using my imagination. Denali National Park has always been a place of wonder for me. Even as an adult I’ve gone deep into the Denali wilderness and been in awe. It is miles and miles of wilderness and the animals that live there. So in a way I accomplished two things, I wrote about something that actually happened and competed in a contest.

If you are interested in reading about Alaska’s Denali National Park with some culture woven in you can read it here: The Bear King.

The review reads: “It begins with the 9-year old protagonist Kayla.  Right from the start KT sets the mood and provides a very descriptive narrative that you can see clearly in your mind.  Little details like the runny nose, the environment, and the child’s and grandmother’s descriptions bring the readers closer to the story.  I had to look up Denali National Park afterwards to see where they were in the dream/fairy tale sequence, and the photos found on google beautifully matched the descriptions that KT wrote.  The transition from grandma’s story about her past and the little girls insertion of herself into the story as it morphed into her dream was tricky to pinpoint.  Otherwise, the story itself was fascinating and the moral to the story was heartwarming not to mention validated by the conclusion.  The animal personalities in the “Bear King” were believably fitted to each animal based on species and behavior, but were also unique to the individual characters too.  It was a sweet story that left me wishing I could follow Kayla into the kitchen at the end and ask grandma how much of her story matched her dream and if any of it was real.”


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