Coauthoring and reinventing partnerships

I was at the dentist yesterday and as he was waiting on the X-Rays he asked me if anything new and exciting was happening in my life. I told him I was coauthoring a book. He asked about it and I told him that there were two nations, the fire nation and frost nation that live on a single continent divided down the middle by a river. That their planet is in trouble and they have to find a way to overcome their differences and fix it. He then asked “how did you decide who got which nation?” So I explained since I’m in Alaska and she is in Massachusetts, I know more about winter to create a winter wonderland and she was already imagining the fire nation so it worked out. And he said to me “So is she from here or did you live in Massachusetts?”

To which I explained that we met online during NaNoWriMo and just sort of clicked. That we both have specific writing talents and that we compliment each other’s writing strengths. He sat there sort of dumbfounded holding the dental instruments at the ready but asked “so you’ve never met?” I shrugged on instinct and told him “we text a lot and have Skyped.” That was when I started to realize it did seem strange. He exclaimed “you’ve never met but you are writing a book together!? I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

and then it hit me; neither had I.

How strange that technology has changed the way we interact. What it has given us the ability to do. Such as collaborating across country, divided by 3,000 miles, and creating something amazing.

There are so many lessons and tricks I am learning on writing, publishing, and marketing. Sometimes I wonder if my coauthor is gaining as much from this experience as me. Either way I am happy I entered into this partnership and created Frost Burn.

Because we we are so excited about our collaboration and the output we decided to give the first part out for free read on Wattapad. We plan on putting the rest of it out later this year. Which is looking good since we finished writing part 2.

You can find it here:


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