Inspirational Art: Owl Arc, Part 4 (Final)

In my coauthored book it includes messenger owls. So far I haven’t gotten into them much but at one point my frost character is going to go and see them and have some interactions with them. Getting a real sense of the owls and what they can do. At this point I also intend to have one bob its head and her pick up a little cotton ball with a face.

Although Snowy Owls stick to cold regions here on Earth, in the fantastical world in Frost Burn the characters are split in half by Fire and Frost nations. You can check out the map here:

The Frost nation uses snowy owls that are common in their half of the world as messenger birds. They are already featured twice in the first part of our coauthored book. Which is available for free in a few places. So of course I had to deploy my knowledge of these amazing birds again. Which I can tell you was very exciting. I was also excited when my partner in writing decided to use hawks. Seemed like an excellent balance to the birds of prey used by the Frost Nation.

So I dug up my research from a month or so ago and read through it. What I did miss and found interesting was that most owls have asymmetric ears. Well they don’t have actual ears like humans or most animals but more like ear holes. That still don’t take away the amazing idea that they have one ear higher and one ear lower. This is so they can get a three dimensional take of their surroundings. Deploying their use of sight and sound to get an entire picture. Which is what makes them such efficient killers. They are the terminators of the bird world.

Yet despite all of their deadly instincts I still find them to be such majestic and magical creatures. Which is why I am posting todays artistic piece highlighting their beauty. I really feel like this artist captured the amazing feel of an owl. If you like this piece you can find this and their other works at:


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