Inspirational Art: Owl Arc, Part 3

In my book the spirit animals are linked with their partners. That means if a person dies, the animal dies. If the animal dies its human partner dies. Their lives are linked and the animals’ life is extended by the humans while the human gets the benefit of connecting with the animal. Each spirit animal also has a special ability that the owners can use. In my book the owl clan has the ability to connect with their owls and see at night. As most people know owls have excellent night vision.

What most people don’t know is that owls’ eyes are nearly immobile in their socket. They can’t swivel them from side to side. Much like people who wear glasses have to turn their heads to see everything clearly so do owls. Luckily adaptation kicked in and they are able to swivel their heads from side to side and basically all over the place because of their unmovable eyes.

On top of that fun fact I also have another. Why do owls bob their heads sometimes? They do that so they can see something better. They are trying to see the object clear and judge its distance. It is really fascinating and when I read that I was like ‘I have to see that in action.’ So of the ones I saw this one was the shortest and showed the multiple movements that owls make to see things better. Go here for some bobbing fun:

In today’s artistic piece I’ve included a woman with her owl. This is exactly how imagine my spirit animal sits on my character’s shoulder. Just have to watch out for those talons though! You can find their work and more at:


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