Inspirational Art: Owl Arc, Part 2

When starting this endeavor among other research projects I was drawn to the owl because I have always felt like I identify with the owl. Not because of some fad or anything but if I had to guess I would guess my spirit animal would be an owl. I remember when I was hiking with my dad during winter. I remember this funny sound being heard and asking my dad in a whisper what it was. He said it was an owl singing to us. Which is likely where I got my misconception about owls and their ‘hooing.’

That is one of the few times during my life that I actually heard an owl. If it wasn’t for the movement I wouldn’t have seen it either. It was just a moment’s glimpse as this majestic creature. Since then I’ve always been fascinated with them. I can count on one hand how many owls I’ve seen but I need all my fingers and toes to count how many eagles. So my interest in eagles came and went.

I have also seen other raptor birds, also known as birds of prey. Hawks, Merlins, and even an Osprey or two. We actually had a Merlin, which is a type of Falcon, living in my parent’s backyard. I got to see it swoop down and take out another small bird. Having gone hunting myself I found this very impressive.

Fact: owls may be adorable and seem as loveable as cats but they are birds of prey. Fact: their talons (three in the front and two in the back) have the strongest grip among all birds of prey. Fact: when owls fly they’re nearly silent because of a special formation of their feathers. Fact: these birds bring a whole new meaning to silent and deadly!

So for this session of owls I’ve included a fantasy ‘horned’ owl here. Sometimes taking the literal sense of something and adding a twist can have an amazing result. Thanks to the artists for letting me feature this piece. You can find this and more at their site here:


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