Inspirational Art: Owl Arc, Part 1

I’ve always loved owls. Who couldn’t love something that asks questions all the time? It is like a child asking ‘why.’ So when I was coming up with the idea of Spirit Animals in my new NaNoWriMo novel it was easy to choose owls among other animals.

The three main spirit animals is a tiger, a panther, and, surprise surprise, an owl. I also had the ability to choose one baby animal and it was so easy to do here. OWL!!! I mean, sure, panthers are adorable but have you seen owls? If you are looking at your screen like I’m crazy please go here and check out these baby owls. I swear owls are like cats of the bird world. and

The first one involves an owl family that discovers a GoPro camera and curiosity gets the better of them. Although for the baby it seems focused on what most babies are focused on: food. I was most interested in the sounds they make. The best parts are the beginning, when the baby tries to eat the camera and right at the end when it makes this adorable sound.

The second video involves a baby that takes a bath. You can tell the species between the first and second video is different. I don’t intend on using the Screech Owl (second video) in my book but it was important to see what it looked like when they puffed out their feathers.

So important distinguished point here, the owl in my book is not a new born owl. Although quite young I don’t intend to have it be cotton balls with faces. So my little owlet, much like the picture I’ve featured in today’s picture, has recently developed its flight wings. (Just in case it wasn’t obvious an owlet is a baby owl.)

My first fun fact about owls to kick off why I love using owls in my books (I’ll mentioned by other book here soon) is that only some owls’ actual ‘who-o-o.’ Much to my disappointment if you do come across an owl that actually does make that noise they likely won’t do it. You’re more likely to be whistled, hissed, chattered, or clicked at. Not as fun but much more realistic. Perhaps that is why this owl looks so sad in the picture; he knows you know.

I’ve got multiple more fun facts to present alongside some beautiful artistic pieces over the next week or so. If you don’t have owls in your backyard but want to know about them or write about them perhaps my research and insights will help.

This piece was graciously allowed to be posted here for your entertainment. You can see this and other work by this artist here:


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