The Devil is in the Details

There are all different kinds of art in this world. Literature, music, theatrical, and ‘traditional’ art (paintings, drawings, etc.). In fact any art form you can possibly imagine. All of these attempt to capture something and portray something to the person who is seeing/reading/listening/watching or whatever. However, how do you compel your thoughts to paper? How do you get the image in your head out?

I’d regale you with all of my struggles; if only people could see what was in my head. I am sure that I am not alone. I am sure that some people create masterpiece after masterpiece but they don’t feel they are perfect. They aren’t what the author/artist envisioned in their heads. Yet as everyone knows the details are what captivate. They draw us in and make us a part of the world we are reading/seeing, etc.

I get lost in my thoughts sometimes. I can see the image clearly but how do I translate what is in my head into words? Today’s featured artist is someone who clearly understands the importance of details. I can see every inch in complete clarity and little is left to the imagination besides the story behind it.

I stared at this and realized I am looking at it, I am seeing it with my eyes. How can I possibly improve the details in my stories so everyone sees what I see? Now there is a fine balance here. Too much detail and you lose your readers, too little and they are seeing blank. I am learning more everyday and the day I looked at that picture I realized something. I don’t need them to see every detail of every moment I need readers to see these moments. A frozen moment in time. I need to describe things like a picture assuming I am the only one who can see it.

I recommend a writing exercise to test yourself. Describe this in detail today’s featured picture and ask someone else to read it. When they are done have them describe it to you. See where you left off a detail or it was missed. Remember you can’t get them all so choose a handful of things. I choose the dragon, the specialized bow, and the red hue in the background. Choose at least 3 points but describe everything. I can tell you that the person I asked to read it totally missed the background. It was completely missed! However she got other details. Perhaps it will help you figure out how important the little things are!

Take a moment to appreciate today’s artistic piece and more like it here at the artist’s site:

Starting in February I am going to be doing 4 pieces on owls! Stay tuned!


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