Finding a writer to co-author with.

Considering coauthoring a book? You are considering to undergo and amazing adventure. However, where to start? Where should you find someone to do this with? These are interesting and vital questions when considering where to go next.

Firstly, there are some places to look. Do you participate in anything specific? For example, part of a fan fiction club, on DeviantArt, or NaNoWriMo? If you participate in anything that other authors do, you can be sure to find a similar minded author. It is important to cover topics that make you passionate, and make sure the other person isn’t completely opposite.

Next is finding a common genre; usually it is wise to stay within those that you are comfortable. That or combining two; romance with fantasy.

Usually it is important to be on the same level. If you’ve published an indie book, usually you’ll want to find another indie author. Once you’ve established the common genre, and the same level, it is time to find someone with traits opposite of yours.

If you are good at world building but have difficulties writing the book, find someone who can finish a book but the world is lacking. You can’t build good characters but great plots. Find someone who can do the opposite of what you can do. Read some of their works, and see if you like their style.

Contact them once that is all done. See if they are interested.

If they are, begin discussing ideas. See if there is a story you are both interested in writing. If you both do, congrats, you might just have found someone to coauthor with. If you do, tune in to my future blogs about additional processes to consider.

Check out my coauthored book Facebook page: Facebook. The first part will be available for free in the coming weeks!


2 thoughts on “Finding a writer to co-author with.

  1. Thanks for the informative post! I’ve heard a lot about co-authoring, so it’s nice to see someone lay out tips for how to go about it. Definitely something to consider in the future.

    • K.T. Munson says:

      In the coming weeks while I navigate how to do it myself, you should expect to see more. I am discovering all sorts of helpful tips! Thanks for commenting, I love to get feedback!

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