Winter break, a sore throat, and two awesome shows

Happy holidays for those of you who celebrate during this time of year. I get an entire four days, day one was all for my family but today I’ve come down with a nasty sore throat. The dry weather could be the culprit or just something else that my system has been fighting. Today, watching the snow fall and my cats watch as it came down I decided to try new TV shows. I am positively addicted to two of them that are on Netflix.

The first is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Phyne and Jack are both excellent characters, and their personalities on paper are brought to life by the actors playing them. I was positively excited to discover other characters were brought in that contributed to a wonderful series set in Melbourne. In addition to the chemistry between Jack and Phryne but also a sweeter romance between two young lovebirds. If the romance doesn’t pull you in the creative mysteries or 1920s era might. If you are a love of 1920s fashion you will be begging for her entire wardrobe by the 4th episode. Ordering hats and gloves by the end of the first season off of Amazon.

The second is The Artful Detective, also known as the Murdoch Mysteries. This one is a little more interesting because of the historical aspects. You’ll encounter historical figures like Nikola Tesla and Sir Conan Doyle. Interesting cases as well, and the unique investigating techniques. They also have clever turns of phrase that makes you chuckle because they are used in modern investigations. Also, there is a lady doctor that could lead to a potential romance in the future. He is clever, principled, and easy on the eyes.

Although I am enjoying them both I must admit that Miss Fisher’s show has me 3 times as enthralled as Murdoch. I can admit that I would much prefer to watch hours of Miss Fisher, than Murdoch, but there are little surprises. However, I do enjoy seeing the science behind earlier techniques and how Murdoch uses them while they are still considered unconventional. I am hoping that by the end of season 1 I shall be as captivated by Murdoch as I am by Miss Fisher.

As I doubt this sore throat will let up and I don’t feel inclined to write, I shall endeavor to watch more of these and make a sound determination.


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