A Quick Writing Prompt

I’ve found when I am stuck and unsure where to go next I sometimes consult my outline or review what I’ve already read. As we all know some times that doesn’t work. Sometimes no music or watching of our favorite film can rouse the words from our subconscious. They sit unused in the back of our brain and we cannot get them to paper. So like any reasonable person we walk away.

Then we return and a week of this continues. Writer’s block. What a dreadful word! I apologize for even uttering such a term. Really I’ll try not to use it again. When WB hits where will you be? More importantly how will you overcome it? You’ve tried music, and movies, perhaps even got desperate and tried eating. Put down the candy bar and walk away.

Alright, so now what?

Writing prompt. There are entire books dedicated to this. Yet looking through them I find half of them useless and the other half somewhat ridiculous. As a long time author I find the best way to get back on your writing feet by writing about you know. Take a story, a happy or sad story, but write it. It could be a fishing story, or your first experience driving. It is easiest to write about what we know. So write!

Make a journal entry. Now to decide. I won’t leave you in a state of wonder wondering what exactly you should decide to write about. Instead I shall give you a direction. Choose a moment of great passion, or emotion. Involving a failed or successful date, an interview for a job that went badly. Use our memory to recall. Stay away from trams but stick close to other emotions. Let the memory poor onto the page. You shall find writing what you know will bring back a bit of that subconscious flame. Once that is complete try again. It has yet to fail me and perhaps will give you the push you need.

Happy writing!


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