Another end to November

With NaNoWriMo winding down, some of you are coming out as winners and others did the best thing they could; they started. Sometimes it is about intermediate goals, and sometimes it is about long term goals. For those of you who haven’t finished your book, I encourage you to not lose momentum. Keep writing 1,000 words a day or more into December and beyond. Push yourself to the end of your novel, because finishing will leave you feeling elated.

On a personal note I am thrilled I just narrowly finished my own goal of 30,000 words. Publishing my second novel in the first week of December pulled me away from this years NaNoWriMo, so I set a smaller more obtainable goal. Just 72 words over my goal as I wrap up the end of my day. I feel excited that I’ve finished about 1/3 of my new book. I hope many of you have similar stories of personal success.

Exiting this month of writing madness, it is good to reflect on all the wonderful people I met this year. Last year I stuck to myself and just wrote. This time I reached out to other writers and discovered some amazing talent and personalities. Many of them will help me in my quest to become a better writer. In return I hope to help them. If you didn’t meet anyone during your NaNo time I will encourage you to do so next year. Talking with others has opened my eyes, and I can start to see where I can make my stories better.

Thankfully I met my goals, and I was able to publish Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand. Check out my published links if you’d like a desert fantasy, with undertones of adult romance. Or click the link: Paperbackย or Kindle. I’ve dedicated it primarily to everyone who is looking for love. Because everyone deserves a little love in their life.

Happy Reading.


8 thoughts on “Another end to November

  1. lilpickmeup says:

    Congrats on accomplishing your goal! That’s great. I am in need of getting into a writing routine.

    • K.T. Munson says:

      Thanks! I was excited to reach it (though it came down to the wire) Routine can make writing a chore! Don’t let that happen. I’d recommend medium goals, like a chapter completion in a week to start, then you can set up more strict goals later. What genre do you write?

  2. lilpickmeup says:

    That’s a great idea to set chapter goals. I think that is what I am going to do. My blog is different, I write more self-help positive stuff or current events, stuff like that. But, personally I wrote a memoir/creative non-fiction about my experiences as a former Army wife. It centers around the Iraq & Afghanistan war. Some things like the names were changed, but the novel is based upon a true story. I am currently trying to send out query letters to agents. I was also considering querying small publications.

    I have a new book I am working on that is more or less dark comedy/ adult fiction. Think “Silver Lining Play Book.” I am not even 13 pages in and got sort of side tracked. I was also told that you have to have your exact name as a website. But, I am not sure if that’s totally necessary? If so, I already write a lot on I am not sure what else I would write on a different site that is my Thoughts on this? I mean if agents or publishers want to track what I write, you can find out who the writer of just about any blog, right? Is it so imperative to “.com” your first and last name and write under that URL?

    Anyway, back to the writing a specific amount per day and having a goal. I totally missed out the NaNoWriMo. I mean I totally forgot. I swore I would do it this year and I got distracted. I’d love to try and make December my month to improve my writing goal. I think between blogging, working from home, walking dogs, and any other excuse I come up with…it’s hard. I have a white board where I have been writing down goals. I essentially try and break down my day because otherwise I get lost.

    I don’t always stick to rigid structures either. I try really hard to write things down because I have adult ADD. But, I have never had problems writing 4-5 pages a day. ONCE I AM IN THE FLOW. If I am NOT in the flow and in DISTRACTION MODE then good luck getting me to write a paragraph. I have noticed that once I am in the flow THEN I am cranking out the pages because I am in the zone and I have momentum. It’s like working out. Once you start slacking off and miss a few days, it’s harder to jump back into your work out gear and muster exercising even if it’s a light walk on the treadmill. I think that you are right, forcing myself to wake up at the crack of dawn to crank out 5 pages has never worked for me. Number one, it feels like a chore. Number two, there’s no way you’ll catch me waking up at 4 am or 5 am to write. So, I am trying to figure out how to see it because it is all perspective. I think planning a weekly amount might work?Not sure. Any further thoughts on this? How was your experience with publishing? Thoughts on, kindle, and etc?

    • K.T. Munson says:

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for asking so much! First things first I’ve written queries and have lots of information on it. I thoroughly researched companies and literary agents before sending it and yielded nothing. (I’d be happy to write a post on it). At which point I thought ‘I’m a business major, I should be able to do this myself’ and became an indie author.
      I really like Amazon and right now 100% behind their product. I heard they acquired CreateSpace, which is a self publishing for books, and I absolutely love their support of indie writers. Between that and the widespread use of kindle in comparison to other eReaders, it was an easy choice for me. Plus I am a very loyal amazon customer long before this self-publishing adventure.
      So as to momentum, chapter or posts are great intermediate goals, but creating an outline will help weed out those distraction moments. I totally get into those and then have to refocus myself by reading my outline. For longer term projects like novels I am 100% behind outlines. I think I even wrote a blog post about it on here. If I didn’t I totally should!
      You’re novel sounds awesome, there are a lot more publishers that are non-fiction only. There are even some agents that only do non-fiction. Not to mention your work is relate-able and relevant. There aren’t a lot that do fantasy. >.<
      As to the websites, I don't think that is true. For emails, yes, you need your intended pen name for your email. Websites are not as importantly unless it directly relates to your books. And even then, I don't think it is necessary. If you have a unique name, sure, it would make web-searches for you much easier. So there are pros and cons to having your name. Another blog idea (thanks!) for the future. So yes for emails, websites I should look into more. Hope this helps! And thanks so much for asking questions. I have been waiting for this for a year!

      • lilpickmeup says:

        That’s great! Yeah, please write something on querying agents! How long did you try to do this before landing one? I am really glad that you like kindle and Amazon publishing. I was and still am on the fence about it. I have received, ironically, 2 very nice rejection e-mails. LOL They even specified that they don’t respond unless they are interested. Yet they made it a point to let me know that I should still keep trying other agents and that their current “list” wasn’t didn’t exactly fit what I have (Iraq & Afghanistan piece). However, they did accept non-fiction. Anyway, I have only tried a handful and am currently attempting more. So, any feedback would help. It’s tough getting real and decent comments on wordpress. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • K.T. Munson says:

        I am so very happy to do so! I’ll go back to my old notes and breath some new life into them. I read a lot into it and discovered you have a higher chance if you go to meet the agents. I am quite far removed, so I started looking at local publishers but they don’t do very much and you have to stick with them. So I went free agent. I have tons of research, perhaps it will help you where I sort of decided it wasn’t my route. 60+ rejection emails that were basically just the same email over and over again. So I went indie.
        I agree! But I was thrilled you took the time to comment. I hope more of my readers will do the same. I am all about research, doing the leg work and trying some of it out and reporting back. Expect something in the next week or so! ^_^

  3. lilpickmeup says:

    Oh…and I definitely went with an outline for my latest fiction/dark comedy piece. I worked on the outline, character sketches, and etc., before I started writing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I gotta get back to that outline and writing distraction free. ๐Ÿ™‚

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