Running out of time

Do you ever stare at your screen, all the words jumbled together in your head and you’d laid them out neatly, and wonder. Wonder if anyone will ever read your book; if the world will end tomorrow and your stories will be lost to time; wonder if tomorrow something will change the everything will stop. The stream of words, the stories, and their characters. The worlds we create around the characters we love. Do you ever worry there won’t be enough time?

I do.

I look at the days count do to the end of NaNoWriMo and I wonder. What if this was it, what if these were the last words I ever wrote? My screen stares back and wonders why I am talking to it. My cat also wonders. Yet in these last days, there is an irrational fear that grips me. This is when I look at my word count and sigh. I know I’ll finish, but not this month. This week holds precious few words for me but I will finish. These words will pour out of me, quietly as not to worry the cat, and I shall finish this world and these characters.

On this day, leading up to the last of days, be you at 500 words or 50,000 you must remember you started. The world, the characters, the story, they are started. Now all you must do is finish them. Write, write as though NaNoWriMo doesn’t end. It goes on, and you must finish. Push through to the end because we do not know if we have enough time, all we know is we have time now.

For NaNoWriMo, Happy Writing!


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