Encouragement towards a reachable goal!

Encouragement. What I also like to call a good old kick in the behind. Sometimes we just aren’t motivated to continue. That seems to be a running theme with NaNoWriMo. I see tons of posts related to people worried they won’t be able to stick with it. I’ve had this problem not in the actual book writing itself, but in the editing portion. I can completely relate when it comes to editing. I equate editing to pushing myself across a carpeted with my face on the floor as I move across it like an inchworm; I don’t wanna do it!

Yet 50,000 words seems like nothing to me; but becomes everything when there is a deadline of a month attached to it. What? I only have 1 month to complete this thing? That is 30 days; 720 hours, 43,200 minutes, and 2,592,000 seconds. If you are like me and need your beauty sleep, 8 hours a day is just gone. That’s right 240 hours vanishes while you get your sleep on. I am a magician; I make time is disappear!

Anyways away from math and all its numbers, encouragement.

I am already super behind!  I don’t know about everyone else but I am thousands of words behind. For those of you also suffering a setback in the 50,000 word goal. Here is some words to get you going. Stop whatever you are doing and write! Forget everything and work on your novel. Even if it is the outline or revising already written chapters. If not get inspired. Go read one of your favorite books that inspires you or a movie that gets your creative juices going. You can do it! It is early and this is the best time to get ahead. I am watching one of my favorite movies and getting ready to bake. Hopefully after that I’ll be ready to write!

Happy writing!


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