Building Worlds

There is something special about building worlds. About taking a single idea or imagine and constructing a world around it. Even more of a challenge I am looking at doing is creating a story where there are multiple worlds. Entire worlds, all with their own function and purpose and people. Each one would have to be constructed, the ability to travel between them well defined. There are many challenges with creating a multiverse. There are many options, to include:

  • Creating multiple worlds in different places across space.
  • Creating worlds that layers, much like the idea of Earth, Heaven, and Hell.
  • Creating worlds that can be traveled to by portal.
  • Parallel universes (same world minute differences).

I did a bit of the different worlds across space in my science fiction, ‘Unfathomable Chance’. However, I am currently constructing a plot that has multiple worlds that can be traveled to by a portal. Some of them live on a different physical plane but they are actual worlds they travel between. Imagine worlds within worlds, portals to travel between them, each with a character to follow.

Once I finish 1001 Islands, which is set in a world with islands, it is my intent to start the next one with multiple worlds. I’ll have construct each world and the character’s place in the world. It will also be necessary to create how the worlds interact and how they can be traveled between. All in all, this new book idea will present multiple worlds with a limited number of portals connecting them. I am very excited to be giving myself such a challenge.

I’ll post chapters from 1001 Islands soon. Until than, happy reading!


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