Reading, Watching, and Writing

I am one of those individuals that watches tons of TV Shows, inhaling them like a deprived cocaine addict, and movies when I feel like sitting still for two hours. I love to watch them and be inspired by a single image. My sister once joked that I could make an entire book based off of a single image. She is not wrong. Although most of my book idea’s have come from very vivid dreams that I write down because they are just so cool, there are images or a single sentence that sparks my inspiration. For North & South, it was the picture of a girl with two horses in the desert. Although that doesn’t happen for quite a while, it was the central image in my mind.

So I read, and watch and continue to be expired by the world around me. My brain absorbs it like a dry sponge and then I wring it dry in my books. Absorb, wring, repeat.

Yet every once in a while you see something so wrong you just want to lay down and cry. When I saw the trailer for the new TV Series Gotham, I wanted to lay down and cry, throw my computer monitor and cry some more. For those of you who love batman and the comic book world around him; you are warned. So I went and watching something that was totally polar opposite to distract myself. I decided to watch the pilot of Penny Dreadful. A hopeful first start I think. A nice mix of all the old London haunts; werewolves, vampires and good old Dr. Frankenstein. I did love Mary Shelley’s book, it was such an interesting look at a man driven by barrier that exists between life and death. More to report later.

Since I watch so many TV Shows I thought perhaps I would add some book reviews, TV Show reviews, and of course continuing to bring up my writing.

Good news! I am finalizing my book, getting it copyrighted, and hope to have it up on Kindle by Sunday. The cover is being finalized as we speak.

I am about 25,000 words into my new book; once my editor gets a chance I will add a chapter or two for viewing. I am calling it Unfathomable Chance right now. I always say I might change the name and yet I never do.

Until next time, happy reading.



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