From one to another…

Sometimes I feel like I am running a mountain marathon when I am writing a book. I start out nice and steady moving up hill, hitting a few snags as I get my stride. About the middle of the book I start running down hill and everything is flowing until suddenly I am at the bottom and the race is over. I am ecstatic and I have this sense of accomplishment. Then I look around and realize one of two scenarios: either I have a new one started and I am off and running again or I am staring at a blank page.

This time it was the first; I knew right away what was coming next. No sooner had I finished the final word on the epilogue then I was writing the story ideas and plot line. The next day I was already on chapter 1 and catching that steady stride. I finished the last book last week and now I am already on chapter 12 (about 13,000 words in). Currently named “Unfathomable Chance” this book is a little different then what i normally do. I normally create a new planet and fold my story neatly around this new planet. This is not only going to start in modern day Earth, but is also a Science Fiction.

Kind of a Hitchhikers Guide, mashed up with City of Bones undertones, a dash of snarky, and a bunch of other crazy ideas. Like each planet is represented by a tree of life. Right now my beautiful editor is working through North & South to try and reach the May 1st release date. After that I promise I will talk a little more about it and post a chapter or two.

In the mean time, Happy Reading.


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