A little busy!

So if anyone has been wondering where I have been and why there hasn’t been a new post, I would have to say writing. I have literally been glued to my tablet when I come home everyday writing my little heart out. Sorry, that would be my fiance’s tablet. Jokes on him in 5 months it will also be mine. Marriage; what is his is mine and what is mine is mine. Anyways back to tablet mania, I have literally doubled my word count in three weeks. I am a writing ninja. I am currently on chapter 42 of the intended 65 and ecstatic. Words are just flowing.

Currently still named North & South my intended debut book is coming along nicely. I will post another chapter here soon so you can see a little later in the book an maybe a bit of where this book is headed. My lovely editor is working hard as always. Shout out to her and her grammatical skills. Although I am back in school I will take a moment and try to post more regularly. Either a chapter or perhaps another post. For those of you still tuning in I have decided to go exclusively Kindle at this time. Once I finish this book, and run through a trial period I may put one of my other manuscripts through the ringer.

Ironically I am writing a paper on Copyright Laws in the Digital Age. School sometimes coincides with life and you get to research stuff you actually are very interested in. Like trying to decide if you copyright a book that is actually an eBook is it legally useful? So far everything don’t look hopeful but there are some mechanisms kindle has in place to help with that. So if you aren’t interested in reading about worlds I have made up, I am going to add the highlights of that paper here. Should finish the paper in about a month since it is due to my professor in a month, so tune in then.

Happy Reading!



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