A new year

Happy New Year!

Life has taken us all around another corner. We have left one year behind and transitioned into the next. I have come a long way and written a lot in 2013. I partook in NaNoWriMo and made it just over half way to the goal line. With so many happy memories over the last year it is difficult to turn my head from looking over my shoulder and look to the future. Yet it is imperative that I turn towards the future and all that I wish to accomplish over the next year. 

I will keep everyone posted as to when I take this monumental step into self-publishing. As to which book, I made an executive decision to step into the unknown with my new book. North & South as it is currently named will be my first published novel. I am currently 33% done with the writing portion and have completed a tentative outline. As it stands I should be able to publish before the end of next year; maybe sooner. 

The pearl of wisdom that I have learned in 2013 is hardships are just a way for life to make you stronger. When you stumble, when your self confidence is shaken, and when a plan fails, don’t fall down and stay down. Stand up. You have to stand because if you don’t life will continue on with its ever persistent beat and you will be left behind. In summation 2013 represents a year of adapting for me. When obstacles and failures occur it is easy to abandon a dream, but overcoming them has allowed me to adapt a new way to approach my dream.

May the next year be everything you imagine it to be; and when you do, imagine something wonderful.  

As always, thank you for reading. 


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