A New Direction: Self-Publishing

Recently I have been floundering. I live in Alaska so trying to get published is like trying to go to the moon. I would need to travel, make connections, and try to get someone interested. Being so far removed from most of the literary agents and publishing houses really limits me. Unfortunately I cannot fly to the lower 48 and start tackling people until someone decides that I might be worth the investment. At least not right now, mission tackle is going to have to wait.

Not to mention that honestly isn’t my pace. I tried the traditional way, sending queries and researching literary agents to death before sending one. It got me absolutely no where. So here I am a year later after sending my first query and I don’t feel like waiting on anyone else anymore. I am going to branch out myself and try a couple different avenues for eBooks. I am leaning towards using kindle just because of their access.

That is right I am going to self publish (if the title didn’t give it away).

In a way I am ecstatic to actually be doing something instead of just sitting on a pile of re-drafted rejections. Seriously why can’t a literary agent take 3 seconds and show specific problems? Instead I get the generic, “sorry not now or not for me”. So instead I am picking myself up and am moving forward with publication.

So for my loyal readers; sometime in 2014 my books will be available for purchase. I am working with a wonderful graphic artist to get some original art smacked on the cover and will be moving forward with publication. I am just going to put this out there. Of the books I have written which one catches your eye the most and would like to see more of?

That is right, I want YOUR input. It will take a few months to decide so I have a few months to finish writing North & South, which is a stand alone book. I am currently leaning towards that and selling it through kindle for $2.99.

Happy reading.


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