Every ending is a new beginning…

Happy Halloween! For those of you who don’t love this holiday as much as I do, you can ignore my holiday greeting.

The final chapter has been posted for the short story Pandemonium. So you are free to read it from start to finish and even comment if you so wish. I wanted to say thank you to Joann for her lovely comment, it was a very exciting moment for me as this is my first comment. I hope that you enjoy these stories and feel like you can continue to comment.

The most important update is the new ‘blog’ story I am currently working on. At this point the story will be following 5 different main people in a world that is mostly land. Around the equator the Dunes separate the North from the South. We will be following two people in the southern part of the planet, one in the dunes, and two people in the north. There may be a few extra chapters that look from other points of view to progress the story and it is my intention to add a sixth character at about halfway through who I am still creating. No there is no impending doom, some great enemy, and no there are no items these people are going to come together and look for. This book lacks any sort of magic in the implied sense and what little there is very specific and will not actually impact the larger story or all of its characters in a drastic way. In other words I didn’t fall back on those story leaders, and decided to be a little more crafty in this approach.

I have written the first draft of the first chapter and will hopefully have a good handle on the plot and the character’s voices by mid November. I am optimistic that I may even be able to post the first chapter at that point. However, the official starting date is still December 1st.

Happy reading.


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