There is always a beginning…

I started writing very young, and honestly not very good. I won a seat at the young writers conference when I was five. I can’t even remember writing the story. Irony being that it was a non fiction about the birth of my little sister and now I couldn’t write a non-fiction without gritting my teeth and swearing. By the time I entered fifth grade I was already a fantasy writer. For the next seven years a dabbled off and on in poetry and short stories. It wasn’t until eight grade in a writing assignment that I started writing the first in what would become a trilogy.

The Lady of the Light. A story about a girl more specifically the girl that will tip the balance.  You start following her when she is young, 13 years old in book 1. By book 2 she is 20 years old. Book 3 follows directly after book 2 and finishes the series. It is all about the balance between light and dark. About a long lost secret, about destiny, adventure and a love that threatens to ruin it all. This girl has power, so much it threatens to rip her in half, but she is so very human. She cares, she cries, she misses her mother.

The best part is I finished writing book 2 and 3 in high school. However, I don’t know about you but I have much improved since high school and when I read back to early beginnings I want to find a very big rock and bury it under there. Scratch that. I want to throw them off a waterfall and watch the pages rain down before being washed away never to be seen again. Alas they remind me that if I can write a book and finish when my brain is detached (you remember being a teenager), why can’t I keep writing and keep writing, finishing tons of books? Which is exactly what I have been doing. Check out my humble beginnings below with a small exert from my revised work.

Lady of the Light Trilogy.

Book 1, Chapter 10.

More to follow.


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