Rejection is a Hard Pill to Swallow

Becoming an published author is an uphill battle. There are avenues that each writer can explore but most of them are not about what you know, or perhaps even how well you write it is knowing someone in the business. If you don’t have that, the next step is looking for a literary agent. I bought a book that lists the available agents, I researched each one, spent days compiling a list. An Honest Misunderstanding was my first attempt and 45 rejects later I turned to my next book. Truthseer was written for my little sister because she wanted something that she could read and understand. Since my historical romance tiptoed in the direction of Jane Austen, it was a bit hard for her to read. Truthseer was made specifically for a younger audience. It was an interesting concept that just hit me over the head one night and demanded I start writing immediately. Seven months later I handed her the edited draft for her to read. She loved it and I thought if I could get her to love it, she has read only a handful of books and finished it, that there might be something worth pursuing.

This morning I received the last of the 7 top literary agents I had sent to. Disheartening to say the least, and the emails were all so impersonal. It makes one want to jump up and down yelling, “Why won’t you look at my work!?” Don’t worry, I am not deterred from my mission to become a published author. Today I am going to sit down on the bottom of the hill and contemplate what to do. Tomorrow I will start the climb once more.

I posted a sample chapter for Truthseer. Check it out at

Perhaps I will work on an old favorite. Lady of the Light was the trilogy I started when I was in 8th grade. It gave me the start I needed to start writing. By the time I graduated high school I had written a very bad version of what I imagined the book would be. Now, after years of experience and refined writing skills at my disposal I am rewriting it. I will post some sample chapters soon!



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